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Celebrating Environmental Day with Rijk Tulbagh Primary Print

Word of mouth took Iimbovane and the Cape Leopard Trust to the beautiful foothills of Tulbagh to visit the Rijk Tulbagh Primary School on their Environmental Day. On the agenda was exploring biodiversity and the threats posed by invasive plants and animals with Iimbovane and raising awareness about Cape leopards with the Cape Leopard Trust.

Grade R-3 learners tackled the meaning of alien versus invasive species and looked at some common examples of plants and animals.They had a lot to say about how they felt about being a part of our country's rich ecological diversity which they celebrated by choosing their favourite plants and animals to colour in and at the end came up with a multi- coloured picture collage to represent biodiversity.



Vernon Styne, who is currently busy with his PhD in Entomology at Stellenbosch University gave a talk on his involvement with the Friends of Stellenbosch Mountain hacking group.He gave a few tips and demos on how they keep the aliens at bay by using various control  methods such as mechanical, chemical as well as biological control. It was so unbelievable to hear that the youngest member of their hacking group was only 5 years old!                                                                                      

Grade 4-7 learners explored how living thing are linked to each other through the web of life game.

The day ended with a scavenger hunt competition where both learners and teachers scattered around the school in search for clues about invasive and indigenous plants at the school.

Our host, Mrs Susanne Mosert commended Iimbovane by saying "Our school kids couldn't say enough about what they learnt and all the fun they had, the team is already booked for next year's Environmental Day"