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The science behind Iimbovane
Why ants?
How can your school get involved?
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The science behind Iimbovane Print
The Iimbovane Project hinges on monitoring ant diversity (variety of different kinds of ants) in different natural and modified (developed or transformed) landscapes, investigating how ant groupings change in space (between places) and over time (between seasons and years). Ants are collected twice per year using pitfall traps. Trapping takes place in March/April and October/November each year, periods during which ants are most active. The data collected will be used to get a general picture of ant species composition in the different biomes of the Western Cape Province (e.g. Nama karoo, fynbos, succulent karoo). This study will run for 10 years. 
Why ants? Print

We decided to use ants for the Iimbovane project for a number of reasons. The most important of these are that

How can your school get involved? Print

If you attend an Iimbovane School and are a Grade 10 Life Science learner, the research you do through Iimbovane will be contributing to the larger, long term Iimbovane project.