Iimbovane schools ace data analyses exercises Print

This year 2012 has been infused with more visual experiences than ever before for Iimbovane learners. First it was data collection in March whereby learners not only collected ant data from their school grounds but many also went along with the project team to nature reserves and national parks. For most learners, it was a new experience to be in such close proximity to untamed nature.

After several weeks of processing the collected data by the research team, it was time to analyse and make sense of the data and so the schools were once again visited in August for this purpose. Unlike previous years, the data analyses exercises were not only limited to writing on the board and presentations but a new angle was also introduced: videos!

Several short environmental clips were showed as part of the project team’s lessons. Not only did the video clips refresh the memories of the learners but they also highlighted the important roles that insects play in the ecosystem.

The data analysis sessions were very successful as learners were able to work out ant species abundances and similarities between their school sites and nature reserves using biodiversity indices. More importantly, learners were able to discuss possible reasons behind their findings. 

It is this blend of critical thinking skills and environmental awareness that the Iimbovane team aims to continue encourage in learners, so that they can start making informed decisions about their own contributions to the health of our environment.