Former Iimbovane participant to study B.Sc at Stellenbosch University Print

One of Iimbovane’s aims is to inspire learners, especially girl learners, to consider tertiary studies and careers in the field of life sciences.

Leonne Adams from the Gerrit du Plessis Secondary School in Riversdal participated in the Iimbovane Outreach project between 2010 and 2011. During her participation, she assisted the project team with the collection of biological and environmental data on two fieldwork events. In 2011, Leonne had the opportunity to visit the ant laboratory of the Iimbovane Outreach Project as part of the 2011 Iimbovane Biodiversity Winter Week learner group.

Inspired by her visit to a university campus, Leonne applied for the BSc Programme in Biological Sciences at the Stellenbosch University. Her application was accepted and she was awarded a bursary for her studies. Leonne will start her first year in 2013.