Exciting news in the “Ant World”! Print

In a few short days, a new ant book will be available on the shelves! In his book, titled “Ants of Southern Africa”, Peter Slingsby took years of one of his pet passions in life to the next level, and complied this insightful book.  It will be the first ever published field guide of Southern African ants.

Herein, Slingsby provides a very user-friendly and informative guide to ant biology and identification, species descriptions with illustrations or photographs of live species for 225 species as well as 400 other species descriptions. Additionally, habitat and locality maps are provided. This content is useful for a wide audience, ranging from, as the cover says, “bewildered beginners, excited enthusiasts and even puzzled professionals”.

In July 2016, the Iimbovane team had the pleasure of meeting Peter and his wife, Maggie, while they were doing research for the book. Here ideas were shared resulting in Iimbovane getting a mention in the book. And so with much anticipation, we await its publication.  For more information about the book, its content and purchasing, go here: http://theantbook.blogspot.co.za/2017/02/ant-book-4.html

Fig. 1: An excerpt from "Ants of Southern Africa", showing all the features that the book provides (Slingsby, 2017).