Iimbovane impresses Touwsrivier Primary’s aspiring scientists! Print

On Friday the 17th February 2017, eleven intrepid pupils from Touwsrivier Primary School’s Science and Maths Club joined Iimbovane for a short workshop, at Stellenbosch University.  The pupils ranged in age from twelve to fourteen.

To start off with, Iimbovane introduced them to the exciting world of ants, and the ant nest structure. Next, they were shown the anatomy of an ant and it was explained how scientists used the parts of the ant to classify them into species.

The exciting part came when the pupils were shown how to use a microscope. Five distinct ant species were provided. They were given the task of describing them, drawing them and giving them each a name, based on their description of it. Here we were really able to see their creativity. Each pupil displayed a unique drawing style, carefully making sure all the important features of the ant were visible. At the end of the activity, a group discussion was had on each species, whereby the pupils described their ants to the group and pointed out characteristics unique to each ant species.

The aim of this workshop was to provide a foundation on ant diversity and classification. The pupils were eager to learn and had a keen interest in the work. Everyone left with a positive attitude and the workshop was deemed a success.