Iimbovane in brief Print

The Iimbovane Project is a science education project that uses ants as a model species to teach high school learners about biodiversity science. By using “ants” as the focus species, Iimbovane, hopes to spark learners’ interest in local biodiversity and to help them understand the science that supports the conservation our rich natural heritage.

Iimbovane aims to educate and raise awareness levels of educators and their learners on the importance of biodiversity, and to create an appreciation and understanding of biodiversity science. We do this through hands-on lessons at our participating schools, biodiversity workshops based at Stellenbosch University campus and surrounding areas, partaking in science career expos as well as tailor-made outreach activities.

The key objectives of Iimbovane are to:                                                                                                                                  
  • Educate learners on how science works through active participation in “real” research
  • Develop learners scientific and critical thinking skills
  • Educate learners on biodiversity conservation and wider environmental issues 
  • Promote careers in biodiversity science
  • Provide training and support to life science educators