The ADA’s ultimate goal is to support knowledge production in Africa by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of masters and doctoral graduates in South Africa and beyond. To this end, the ADA runs bi-annual training courses which are aimed at both expanding and adding depth to the knowledge pool and skillset of masters, doctoral and post-doctoral academics.

2018 Summer School Presenters' Assistants:

The ADA’s 9th annual Summer School takes place from 08th to 19thJanuary 2018 and we are delighted to announce that we are able to provide funding for a small group of Stellenbosch University PhD candidates and postdocs to work as Presenters’ Assistants (PAs) once again.

PAs assist our workshop presenters with their day-to-day administrative tasks,ensuring that the workshop flows as smoothly as possible. In exchange, PAs are afforded the opportunity to gain experience in running an international conference and network with academics from across Africa. The cost of your course and certification is also included in the position (but not the cost of textbooks, where applicable).

Typical responsibilities would include the following
- Managing access to the workshop's lecture room
- Managing and maintaining the daily attendance register
- Assisting delegates and the presenter with Inetkey access or Wi-Fi access
- Assisting the presenter with arranging or making course material handouts
- Assisting with initial course registration at the beginning of the week
- Capturing course feedback after the school.

In order to be eligible for the programme, you must be about to enroll or already enrolled for your PhD at Stellenbosch University. Alternatively, you qualify for this position if you are currenlty a post-doctoral fellow registered at Stellenbosch University. One PA position is available per workshop.

To apply, please complete this formIn addition to requiring your details, we ask you to motivate why you would be a good candidate to receive an assistantship - we would like to know how attending the workshop will impact on your studies and research, your development as a lecturer or increasing capacity in your department.

Please send the following documents to

  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • A short letter of motivation on how attending the workshop will impact on your studies and research, your development as a lecturer or increasing capacity in your department

Applications close:

First Round: 30th September 2017

Second Round: 14th October 2017

Here are our 2016 Winter School assistants:

Dr Eddie Appollis is an Associate Professor in the Theology Faculty of Helderberg College, Somerset West where he also serves as the Theology Program Coordinator. Eddie completed a MTh in Missiology with UNISA and a DMin in Leadership with Andrews University (USA).  He will be assisting in the Teaching and Learning in HIgher Education workshop in week 1. He is married and has two 2 sons aged 22 and 19 respectively.
Ms Carmen Harrison is completing her doctoral studies in Psychology in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Stellenbosch University. She is strongly vested in the area of human development research, with a particular interest in the psychological well-being of adolescents who experience socio-economic challenges. Currently she is investigating the mediating role of psychosocial risk and protective factors on the psychological health of South African adolescents who experience poverty. She hopes that her research will inform programmes aimed at preventing adverse mental health outcomes in adolescents facing contextual stress and spark research activity focused on this population. Carmen will be assisting with the ATLAS.ti course in week 1.
Dr Nyankomo Marwa is senior lecturer in Development Finance and Econometrics at University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa. Nyankomo holds visiting positions at the School of Management Sciences of the University of Quebec Montreal, Canada and University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Previously he taught at the School of Economics and Business Studies of Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania and worked as forensic scientist at Tanzania Forensic Bureau. Nyankomo has published more than 10 articles in international peer reviewed journals in the areas of development finance, efficiency analysis, applied econometrics and agricultural economics. He holds a PhD in Development Finance from University of Stellenbosch Business School; MSc Agricultural Economics from University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA; MSc Applied Statistics and Biostatistics from Hasselt University, Belgium; BSc Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. He has been awarded several international prestigious awards, including but not limited to, American Fulbright Fellowship, Belgian Technical Cooperation Fellowship, Canadian Nixen Fellowship, and Saskatchewan University Doctoral Scholar Fellowship. Dr Marwa will be assiting with the Doctoral Supervision course in week 2.
Ms Oluwadamilola Oluwusi is currently undertaking an MSc in Agricultural Economics from SU and intends upon pursuing her PhD in the same field. Having spent seven years of academic experience in Agricultural Economics, she hopes to build a research career in the field of International Trade. Her aim is to become a renowned academic in the near future. Lola, as she is fondly called enjoys reading and writing, and will be assisting with Preparing for the PhD in week 1.
Ms Stephanie Pitts is a first year Doctoral student in the Tuberculosis host genetics research group in the Department of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics at Tygerberg campus. She has a research background in human biology and bioinformatics. For her MSc, Stephanie worked on in silico methods for detecting novel candidate target genes in Lupus. She has a passion for medical research questions and finding computational methods for answering them. Stephanie will be assisting with the course, Leading a Research Project in week 2. 
Ms Jessica Stander is a physiotherapist who has been involved in clinical practice for 12 years and prides herself in her clinical reasoning and practice skills. Jessica has been involved in clinical supervision and teaching in Orthopaedic physiotherapy at Stellenbosch University for the past 10 years. Research has now formed part of her academic career, with a special focus on knowledge translation from research evidence into practice by means of teaching strategies. Her hobbies include running, playing with her toddler and beach walks with the family. Jessica will be assisting with the course on Mixed Methods in week 2.
Ms Anouk Albien is a Psychology PhD student who has worked in the Kayamandi Township on the outskirts of Stellenbosch (South Africa) for 6 years. Her roles have included co-ordinating, training and lecturing career counselling with Psychology Honours students for their community service-learning placement at Kayamandi high schools. Furthermore, she has lectured writing skills, research methodology and statistics classes. Her recently acquired research interests include narrative therapy, emotional intelligence and addiction, which she plans to use in conjunction with career psychology. The primary research focus of her proposed PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Prof Naidoo, is to explore the effect of a career intervention programme on the career adaptability and vocational identity of Grade 11 learners using pre-, post- and follow-up measures. In addition, individual interviews will be used to gain insight into adolescents’ perceptions of their career decisions as well as career adaptability and identity formation processes in a previously marginalised and under-researched group. Anouk will be assisting with the course Action Research Methodology for Development.

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