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ICD10 fracture coder

Select fracture by clicking on this skeleton

This page is for Fractures. If you want soft tissue injuries or dislocations, use the Injury GUI


ICD10 code skeleton GUI Proximal femur Cervical Clavicle Femur lower Femur Shaft Hand Wrist Lower Humerus Lower Ulna Lower Radius Lumbar Ankle/ Malleolar Pelvis Scapula Humeral Shaft Thoracic Ulna Shaft Radial Shaft Lower Tibia Tibial Shaft Upper Humerus Upper Radius Upper Ulna Foot Fracture Upper tibia Patella Skull


Once your mouse pointer is in a mapped fracture area (text appears in the box), click to see the ICD10 code choices.

This graphical interface will allow you to quickly select the fracture you are interested in. Refinement of your search is possible once you are taken to the linked page.


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