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ICD10 Code (*)
Code Description (*)
N43 Hydrocele and spermatocele
N43.0 Encysted hydrocele
N43.1 Infected hydrocele
N43.2 Other hydrocele
N43.3 Hydrocele, unspecified
N43.4 Spermatocele
N44 Torsion of testis
N45 Orchitis and epididymitis
N45.0 Orchitis, epididymitis and apididymo-orchitis with abscess
N45.9 Orchitis, epididymitis and epididymo-orchitis without abscess
N46 Male infertility
N47 Redundant prepuce, phimosis and paraphimosis
N48 Other disorders of penis
N48.0 Leukoplakia of penis
N48.1 Balanoposthitis
N48.2 Other inflammatory disorders of penis
N48.3 Priapism
N48.4 Impotence of organic origin
N48.5 Ulcer of penis
N48.6 Balanitis xerotica obliterans
N48.8 Other specified disorders of penis
N48.9 Disorder of penis, unspecified
N49 Inflammatory disorders of male genital organs, not elsewhere classified
N49.0 Inflammatory disorders of seminal vesicle
N49.1 Inflammatory disorders of spermatic cord, tunica vaginalis and vas deferens
N49.2 Inflammatory disorders of scrotum
N49.8 Inflammatory disorders of other specified male genital organs
N49.9 Inflammatory disorder of unspecified male genital organ
N50 Other disorders of male genital organs
N50.0 Atrophy of testis
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     Records 10231 to 10260 of 39058


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