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ICD10 Code (*)
Code Description (*)
N70.1 Chronic salpingitis and oophoritis
N70.9 Salpingitis and oophoritis, unspecified
N71 Inflammatory disease of uterus, except cervix
N71.0 Acute inflammatory disease of uterus
N71.1 Chronic inflammatory disease of uterus
N71.9 Inflammatory disease of uterus, unspecified
N72 Inflammatory disease of cervix uteri
N73 Other female pelvic inflammatory diseases
N73.0 Acute parametritis and pelvic cellulitis
N73.1 Chronic parametritis and pelvic cellulitis
N73.2 Unspecified parametritis and pelvic cellulitis
N73.3 Female acute pelvic peritonitis
N73.4 Female chronic pelvic peritonitis
N73.5 Female pelvic peritonitis, unspecified
N73.6 Female pelvic peritoneal adhesions
N73.8 Other specified female pelvic inflammatory diseases
N73.9 Female pelvic inflammatory disease, unspecified
N74 Female pelvic inflammatory disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
N74.0 Tuberculous infection of cervix uteri (A18.1+)
N74.1 Female tuberculous pelvic inflammatory disease (A18.1+)
N74.2 Female syphilitic pelvic inflammatory disease (A51.4+ A52.7+)
N74.3 Female gonococcal pelvic inflammatory disease (A54.2+)
N74.4 Female chlamydial pelvic inflammatory disease (A56.1+)
N74.8 Female pelvic inflammatory disorders in other diseases classified elsewhere
N75 Diseases of Bartholin's gland
N75.0 Cyst of Bartholin's gland
N75.1 Abscess of Bartholin's gland
N75.8 Other diseases of Bartholin's gland
N75.9 Disease of Bartholin's gland, unspecified
N76 Other inflammation of vagina and vulva
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     Records 10291 to 10320 of 39058


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