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ICD10 Code (*)
Code Description (*)
M9676/3 Malignant lymphoma, centroblastic-centrocytic, diffuse, primary site (C83.8)
M9677/3 Malignant lymphomatous polyposis, primary site (C83.8)
M9680/3 Malignant lymphoma, large cell, diffuse NOS, primary site (C83.3)
M9681/3 Malignant lymphoma, large cell, cleaved, diffuse, primary site (C83.3)
M9682/3 Malignant lymphoma, large cell, noncleaved, diffuse, primary site (C83.3)
M9683/3 Malignant lymphoma, centroblastic, diffuse, primary site (C83.8)
M9684/3 Malignant lymphoma, immunoblastic NOS, primary site (C83.4)
M9685/3 Malignant lymphoma, lymphoblastic, primary site (C83.5)
M9686/3 Malignant lymphoma, small cell, noncleaved, diffuse, primary site+K35770 (C83.0, C83.6)
M9687/3 Burkitt's lymphoma NOS, primary site (C83.7)
M9690/3 Malignant lymphoma, follicular NOS, primary site (C82.9)
M9691/3 Malignant lymphoma, mixed small cleaved and large cell, follicular, primary site (C82.1)
M9692/3 Malignant lymphoma, centroblastic-centrocytic, follicular, primary site (C82.8)
M9693/3 Malignant lymphoma, lymphocytic, well differentiated, nodular, primary site (C82.8)
M9694/3 Malignant lymphoma, lymphocytic, intermediate differentiation, nodular, primary site (C82.8)
M9695/3 Malignant lymphoma, small cleaved cell, follicular, primary site (C82.0)
M9696/3 Malignant lymphoma, lymphocytic, poorly differentiated, nodular, primary site (C82.8)
M9697/3 Malignant lymphoma, centroblastic, follicular, primary site (C82.8)
M9698/3 Malignant lymphoma, large cell, follicular NOS, primary site (C82.2)
M9700/3 Mycosis fungoides, malignant, primary site (C84.0)
M9701/3 Sezary's disease, malignant, primary site (C84.1)
M9702/3 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma NOS, primary site (C84.4)
M9703/3 T-zone lymphoma (C84.2)
M9704/3 Lymphoepithelioid lymphoma, malignant, primary site (C84.3)
M9705/3 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, AILD (angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy with dysproteinaemia), primary
M9706/3 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, pleomorphic small cell, primary site (C84.4)
M9707/3 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, pleomorphic medium and large cell, primary site (C84.4)
M9709/3 Cutaneous lymphoma, primary site (C84.5)
M9711/3 Monocytoid B-cell lymphoma, primary site (C85.7)
M9712/3 Angioendotheliomatosis, malignant, primary site (C85.7)
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     Records 9811 to 9840 of 39058


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