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Aurora is a co-ed Fraternity more commonly known as a PSO (Private Student Organisation). Established in 1981, the primary objective of our student community has been to, through our values, provide a platform for students to grow and to live out a revolutionary student experience. In doing so, we do not only equip our members with the necessary tools to ensure a successful university career but we also create a strong sentiment of family hood and a place of belonging.

This year…

By breaking boundaries, Aurora inspires a community of critical thinking individuals through passion, innovation, and creative direction.

Aurora dares to be a catalyst for changing perspectives and becoming the benchmark for sustainable relationships.

Ons streef daarna om 'n platform te skep waar individue in staat is om uitneemendheid te bereik binne 'n diverse atmosfeer.

Deur eenheid en trots word Aurorians toegerus om nuwe hoogtes te bereik en om 'n inklusiewe omgewing te skep.
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