The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 10 December 2018

  1. US-China rivalry poised for expansion in Africa [Read more]
  2. Chinese investments in Africa go off the rails [Read more]
  3. Opinion: China’s One Belt, One Road may be a dead end for African countries [Read more]
  4. In ‘Asia’s Gateway to Africa’ Mauritius, rivals China and India compete for the upper hand [Read more]
  5. Yes, China is Kenya’s biggest trading partner – but it’s not a balanced trade [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 3 December 2018

  1. Kenya charges three Chinese railway workers with bribery [Read more]
  2. Senegalese diplomat says Chad president rejected US$2 million Chinese bribe [Read more]
  3. Survey: Chinese mobile phone companies dominate the African market [Read more]
  4. SimbaPay launches Kenya-to-China payment service via WeChat [Read more]
  5. How European and Chinese arms diverted to South Sudan fueled its civil war [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 26 November 2018

  1. One African nation put the brakes on Chinese debt. But not for long [Read more]
  2. US, China at odds over UN push to fund African peacekeeping [Read more]
  3. Chinese investment extends its influence in Nigeria [Read more]
  4. Chinese embassy in Nairobi tries to repair relations with aggrieved SGR workers [Read more]
  5. The Chinese-West African restaurant in London that earned a Michelin star in just a year [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 19 November 2018

  1. Moody’s: Chinese lending to Sub-Saharan Africa can support growth, but brings risks [Read more]
  2. Debt-distressed African countries again look to International Monetary Fund [Read more]
  3. China ‘not opening police stations’ in South Africa [Read more]
  4. Ugandans concerned about military protection for Chinese businesses [Read more]
  5. China postpones lifting of ban on trade of tiger and rhino parts [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 12 November 2018

  1. Chinese president vows to correct trade imbalance with Kenya [Read more]
  2. Jitters over Kenya president and opposition leaders’ ‘silent’ travels to China [Read more]
  3. China in Zambia: The profits and pitfalls of Chinese money in Africa [Read more]
  4. China plans to sell off its African infrastructure debt to investors [Read more]
  5. A Chinese phone maker is building one of the world’s biggest music streaming services in Africa [Read more]