China, Africa and the global food crisis

China Monitor - Issue 30 - Jun 2008June 2008 – Issue 30

“Agflation” – rising food inflation – is the new danger to the poor in the developing world. Coupled with the growing demand for biofuels in the developed world that are produced from consumable crops, food inflation will inflict enormous damage in many African countries and perhaps the poor in China as well.

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The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Diplomatic Relations between China and South Africa

China Monitor - Issue 29 - May 2008May 2008 – Issue 29

This past month, the Governments of South Africa and China began the commemorations of the 10th anniversary of diplomatic ties that were formally established in January 1998. After South Africa became a democracy in 1994, there was an expectation that the ANC-led government would quickly switch South Africa’s ties away from Taiwan in favour of the People’s Republic. But the assumed ideological affinity that existed between the ANC and its liberation partners and Beijing was not there. It took a further four years before South Africa cut its ties with Taiwan and recognized the PRC as the official representative government of China.

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China’s development Assistance to Africa

China Monitor - Issue 28 - Apr 2008April 2008 – Issue 28

China’s “new foray” into Africa after a hiatus for three decades is attracting much international attention and contentious debate. China is seemingly engaging Africa on new terms – terms that are not shaped by traditional powers, nor perhaps even by Africans themselves. China’s foreign aid forms an integral component of this paradigm.

In 2000 a new vehicle was created, the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) housed within China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to coordinate Chinese foreign and aid policy objectives toward Africa.

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Burgeoning Partnerships: China, Macau and Lusophone Africa

China Monitor - Issue 27 - Mar 2008March 2008 – Issue 27

Lusophone countries in Africa have an appalling developmental track record since gaining independence from Portugal in the mid 1970’s. Angola and Mozambique were mired in conflict for two decades or more, resulting in the destruction of their infrastructure and the lives of their populations. However, both are now buoyant economies with their growth being driven by external factors. In the case of Mozambique, South African investment has been the driver if it’s post-conflict economy. For Angola, demand for its oil and diamonds from the international market, largely driven by China, has resulted in it becoming the fastest growing economy on the African continent.

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Emerging Chinese Communities in Africa

China Monitor - Issue 26 - Feb 2008February 2008 – Issue 26

In almost every corner of the world a traveller will come across a so-called “China Town” – a social and economic cluster of ethnic Chinese living and working together in a foreign country. Over the past year, in almost every city that I visited I sought out a Chinatown on the tourist map so I could enjoy a cheap but satisfying fried noodle lunch served in a rather basic Chinese restaurant. Inevitably, the waitron was a recent arrival from China and had followed the same strategy upon arrival as I had – headed straight for the Chinatown.

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