The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 05 November 2018

  1. Experts raise alarm over China move to reopen rhino horn trade [Read more]
  2. China is exporting its digital surveillance methods to African governments [Read more]
  3. Fearing retaliatory sanctions, Kenya backs down from China fish import ban [Read more]
  4. Opinion: Trade, loans skewed towards China, we risk selling country [Read more]
  5. China’s indispensable role in the mineral supply chain that powers your electronic devices [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 29 October 2018

  1. Ghana President Akufo-Addo pushes back against critics over China loans [Read more]
  2. Opinion: Chinese economic dominance built on firm cultural foundation [Read more]
  3. What will the US-China trade war mean for Africa? [Read more]
  4. Opinion: China’s expanding military footprint in Africa [Read more]
  5. China’s search for sand is destroying Mozambique’s pristine beaches [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 22 October 2018

  1. China not among Africa’s top creditors [Read more]
  2. Opinion: The intense debate on Africa’s China debt is flawed given how much is owed to the West [Read more]
  3. Opinion: African countries have started to push back against Chinese development aid. Here’s why. [Read more]
  4. Kenyans say Chinese investment brings racism and discrimination [Read more]
  5. Chinese textile manufacturers look to Africa for tariff-free backdoor access to US market [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 15 October 2018

  1. Sierra Leone cancels US$ 300 million airport deal with China [Read more]
  2. China says it will resolve debt issues of ‘Belt and Road’ projects [Read more]
  3. African governments’ external debt rises dramatically, says campaign group [Read more]
  4. Opinion: Is China really to blame for Zambia’s debt problems? [Read more]
  5. Opinion: China’s role as the world’s development bank cannot be ignored [Read more]

The Top 5 Stories of the Week – 8 October 2018

  1. Opinion: Washington’s US$ 60 billion challenge to China’s ‘debt diplomacy’ [Read more]
  2. Japan positions itself against China as a responsible lender in Africa [Read more]
  3. Twice as many African presidents made it to China’s Africa summit than to the UN General Assembly [Read more]
  4. China: Let’s borrow ideas, not money [Read more]
  5. The Chinese face of Elephant protection in Africa [Read more]