The Biofuels Industry

China Monitor - Issue 12 - Oct 2006October 2006 – Issue 12

With China’s economy averaging between 9-10 percent in the last several years, Beijing’s need for energy security has become a critical consideration in the Communist Party’s 11th five year plan. Since coal accounts for the primary energy consumed in China, the People’s Republic of China is considered to be the second largest emitter of energy related carbon dioxide emissions after the United States.

Projections are that by 2025 China’s share of world carbon emissions is expected to increase to approximately 17.8 per cent. As China’s economy expands, investments in the transport sector, infrastructure and in the industrial sector looks also set to rise and undoubtedly increase energy consumption. Not only will the latter have significant implications for China’s environmental milieu, but will also create ripple effects at the regional and global level. Therefore to promote and improve efficiency in energy consumption, become energy secure and reduce the levels of air pollution, the Chinese government has invested in the production of alternative fuels.

One such area is ethanol production in which China is the third largest producer after Brazil and the United States. To explore how China’s ethanol production is enabling it to become energy efficient, this issue of the Monitor outlines the PRC’s ethanol production and its attendant impacts.

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