Back on the Road? Chinese prospects following the Global Economic Crisis

Issue 48 – February 2010

The China Monitor for February 2010 follows up on Issue 41 of June 2009 in examining China’s prospects as the Global Economic Recession subsides.

The Commentary piece is by George Lo, Head of the East Asia Division at First National Bank. He reflects on China’s role in helping alleviate recessionary pressures in Asian and international markets and ponders the opportunities the Asian upswing may offer Africa.

The Policy Watch piece is by Matthew McDonald, Research Analyst at the Centre for Chinese Studies, Stellenbosch University. His piece examines the role and effect of the US$586 billion stimulus package applied by the Chinese government since the end of 2008 in helping the Asian giant bolster its economic position in the face of global recession

The Monitor subsequently tracks China’s local and international business news as well as China’s interaction with Africa over the past month.

Download PDF – China Monitor – Issue 48– February 2010