New Avenues for Sino-African Partnership & Cooperation – China & African Regional Organisations

Issue 49 – March 2010

The China Monitor for March 2010 examines the emerging relationship between China and African Regional Organisations

The Policy Watch piece is by Professor Garth Shelton, Director of the East Asia Project at Wits University, Johannesburg and member of the Department of International Relations there. His piece examines the emerging relationships between the PRC and African regional organisations both with a historical eye and also with a view of the infrastructural development projects undertaken in respective regions with Chinese partnership.

The Commentary piece is by Sara Van Hoeymissen, a PhD Candidate at the University of Leuven in Belgium and a visiting scholar at the CCS. She reflects on China’s support for Africa’s regional security architecture, especially as the relationship between the Asian giant and African regional organisations deepens and the need for international intervention in African regional conflicts draws debate.

The Monitor subsequently tracks China’s local and international business news as well as China’s interaction with Africa over the past month.

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