Infrastructural Partnerships in Economic Development: Development from the Ground Up?

Issue 50 – April 2010

The China Monitor for April 2010 examines the relatively low levels of infrastructural development in Africa as an obstacle to economic growth.

The Commentary piece is by Suzanne van Keulen, a post-graduate student at the Graduate School for Social Sciences in Amsterdam. She provides an overview of China’s public and private investments in infrastructure in Tanzania, investigating some of the consequences these have had for economic development in that country.

The Policy Watch piece is by Sanne Mars-van der Lugt, a Research Analyst at the Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University. Her piece explores the role of Chinese investment in infrastructural projects in promoting regional integration and contributing to economic growth in Africa.

The Monitor subsequently tracks China’s local and international business news as well as China’s interaction with Africa over the past month.

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