The Emerging Politics of the Emerging Powers: The BRICs and the Global South

Issue 52 – June 2010

The China Monitor for June 2010 explores the role of the BRICs and their significance for the Global South, particularly the African continent.

The Commentary piece outlines the main features of the BRICs. In a short commentary, Prof Timothy Shaw of the Institute for International Relations at the University of the West Indies poses the question whether the BRICs have the potential to act as a cohesive unit (as a bloc) and what this could imply for international politics and economics.

In the Policy Watch, an analysis is offered of the relations between two major constituents of the BRICs edifice – China and Latin America. Prof Lilliana Avendãno Miranda of the International Business Faculty at Verucruzana University in Mexico reviews the shifting ties between China and Latin American countries and discusses their implications.

The Monitor subsequently tracks China’s local and international business news as well as China’s interaction with Africa over the past month.

Download PDF – China Monitor – Issue 52 – June 2010