State-directed multi-national enterprises and transnational governance: Chinese investments, corporate responsibility and sustainability norms

CCS_DP_Corporate_Responsibilities_Cisse_Grimm_Nolke_2014_Format _201/2014

By Daouda Cissé, Sven Grimm, Andreas Nölke

Africa clearly needs foreign investments for its development. But such investments in extractive industries and hydropower projects should not cause ecological degradation and threaten the livelihoods of many Africans. Sustainability comprises economic, social and environmental dimensions and is thus a broad concept, rather describing a balancing act and a process of continuous improvement than an achievable target. The emphasis of this paper is on the environmental dimension of sustainability and how it sits with the other dimensions, particularly in Chinese investments in African states. The discussion is embedded into the general context of the rise of non-triad multinational enterprises and its implications for transnational regulation.

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