Current Group Members

Lauren Ball (MSc) - Cellular uptake of hairy poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles
Elaine Barnard (PhD) - Polymers for immunoregulation
Nusrat Begum (PhD) - Polymer-peptide conjugates
Leanne Brits (PhD) - Reversible hydrogels
Ruvimbo Chagwedera (MSc) - Mechanistic and kinetic studies of maleic anhydride copolymerizations
Annerike Cronje (MSc) - Cellular uptake of SMA-based particles
Randy Cunningham (MSc) - Mechanistic and kinetic studies of sequence controlled SMA copolymerization
Rudolf Dreyer (PhD) - Polymeric metal chelates
Hildegard du Plessis (MSc) - Encapsulation and triggered release of bacteria
Lisa Fortuin (PhD) - Polymer pro-drugs
Gabriela Garbonova (MSc) - Synthesis and investigation of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)-based hydrogels
Njabu Gule (RCA Fellow) - Polymers for biomedical applications
Waled Hadasha (postdoc) - Reversible hydrogels
Simba Jokonya (PhD) - Bioconjugates of membrane-disruptive peptides
Siyasanga Mbizana (postdoc) - Anti-malarial drug delivery
Bennie Motloung (PhD) - Cellulose nanofibers-based materials
Rueben Pfukwa (Researcher) - Main research interests: synthetic polymer chemistry and supramolecular behaviour of polymers
Sinothando Sibariboyi (MSc) - Polymers for membrane nanodisc formation
Chandré Smit (PhD) - PVP-enzyme bioconjugates

Current Co-supervised students

Jaques Buys (PhD, Dr Pfukwa) - Block copolymer-based polymeric prodrugs
Chuma Gqola (MSc, Dr Pfukwa) - Water-soluble, functional polymers
Feziwe Mamba (MSc, Dr Gule) - Antimicrobial biodegradable scaffold
Priscilla Nyakombi (MSc, Dr Gule) - Silk co-electrospinning
Alet van der Westhuyzen (PhD, Prof van Otterlo) - Drug delivery of kinase inhibitors
Shane van Wyk (PhD, Dr Pfukwa) - Self-emolative block copolymers

Previous group members

Niels Akeroyd - currently: IFF, Hilversum (Netherlands)
Ahmed Al Aeeb - currently: Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Nathalie Bailly - currently: Noordwijk (Netherlands)
Luca Bertossi - currently: LaunchLab, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Cor Beyers - currently: EPS Europe/Valspar Cooperation (Netherlands)
Stefan Bon - currently: Warwick University, Coventry (UK)
Jelena Bozovic-Vukic - currently: SABIC, Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)
Osama Bshena - currently: Zawia University (Libya)
Judit Canadell-Ayats - currently: AKZO Nobel (Netherlands)
Greogory Chambard - currently: Dow Corning (Belgium)
William Cloete - currently: Washington area (USA)
Paul Cools - currently: DSM Neoresins, Waalwijk (Netherlands)
Lizl Cronje - currently: Danie Cronje Attorneys, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Bas van Deursen - currently: Oleon, Breda (Netherlands)
Sandile Dyantyi - currently: University of the Western Cape, Cape Town (South Africa)
Amanda Dodd - currently: University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg(South Africa)
Ellen Donkers - currently: Dow Chemical, Terneuzen (Netherlands)
Eric van den Dungen - currently: AKZO Nobel, Sassenheim (The Netherlands)
Zaskia Eksteen - currently: Twente University, Enschede (Netherlands)
Reda Fleet - currently: Kansai-Plascon, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Mark S Frahn - currently: Saint Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs campus, Florida (USA)
Maurice Frijns - currently: AKZO Nobel, Deventer (Netherlands)
Patricia Geelen - currently: Everris, Heerlen (Netherlands)
Mathijs de Geus - currently: EMPA, Winterthur (Switzerland)
Johnel Giliomee - currently: University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa)
Sven Graef - currently: Sasol (South Africa)
Waled Hadasha - currently: University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Elrika Harmzen - currently: Central Analytical Facilities, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Nelmari Harmzen - currently: Falke Socks, Belville (South Africa)
Marie Claire Hermant - currently: BASF, Ludwigshafen (Germany)
Ingrid Heyns - currently: Mpact Plastic Containers, Brits (South Africa)
Lebohang Hlalele - currently: Kansai-Plascon, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Lisanne IJgosse - currently: RIVM, Bilthoven (Netherlands)
Alex Ilchev - currently: University of Nottingham (UK)
Jaco Jacobs - currently: Stryker (Ireland)
Rick Janssen - currently: Stahl, Waalwijk (Netherlands)
Hamilton Kakwere – currently: University of California, Davis (USA)
Anna Kargaard - currently: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin (Ireland)
Peter Kelemen - currently: VUCHT j.s.c., Šaľa (Slovakia)
Renier Kemp - currently: South Africa
Jules Kierkels - currently: Anteryon, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Eugene Lakay - currently: Mintek, Gauteng (South Africa)
Marvin Langlais - currently: France
Jacky de Letter - currently: Yara, Sluiskil (Belgium)
Norah Maithufi - currently: Sasol Polymers, Johannesburg (South Africa)
Nellie Mama - currently: Nelson Mandela University (South Africa)
Patrick de Man - currently: RBS Sempra Commodities, New York City (USA)
James McLeary - currently: BASF, Gauteng (South Africa)
Freda Meltz - currently: Sasol, Secunda (South Africa)
Sthembile Mhlongo - currently: CSIR, Pretoria (South Africa)
Andre Michler - currently: Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Precious Mongwaketsi - currently: iThemba Labs, Somerset-West (South Africa)
Khotso Mpitso - currently: University of the Free State, Qwaqwa Campus, Phuthaditjhaba (South Africa)
Udi Narsingh - currently: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town (South Africa)
Frans Olmanst - currently: Olmanst Industrial Automation, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Harry Philipsen - currently: DSM Resolve, Geleen (Netherlands)
Mpho Phiri - currently: Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
Gwenaelle Pound-Lana - currently: Ouro Preto University, Brazil
Paul Reader - currently: rain South Africa, Cape Town (South Africa)
Marieke van Rens - currently: Open University, Tilburg (Netherlands)
Joris Salari - currently: TNO, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Mike Schellekens - currently: DSM Neoresins, Waalwijk (Netherlands)
Chris Scholtens - currently: Tejin Aramid, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Ahson Shaikh - currently: Pakistan
Martina Slawinski - currently: Total Petrochemicals, Brussels (Belgium)
Auke Snijder - currently: AKZO Nobel, Sassenheim (Netherlands)
Bastiaan Staal - currently: BASF, Ludwigshafen (Germany)
Maarten Staal - currently: BASF, Raleigh-Durham (USA)
Wim Staal - currently: Staalmeesters Consultancy (Netherlands)
Andri Swanepoel - currently: CSIR, Pretoria (South Africa)
Lebusetsu Taleli - currently: H3D, Cape Town (South Africa)
Hector Tello-Manon - currently: COMEX (Mexico)
Gözde Tuzcu - currently: PTG Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Rajan Venkatesh - currently: BASF, Mumbai (India)
Lehani Verwey - currently: Apollo Tyres, Enschede (Netherlands)
Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt - currently: University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Andrew de Vries - currently: Department of Science & Technology (South Africa)
Inge Weideman - currently: Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company, Cape Town (South Africa)
Celeste Wilken – currently: Sasol, Sasolburg (South Africa)
Simone Wubbe - currently: Synthomer, Frankfurt (Germany)
Nicole Whiting - currently: South Africa
Welmarie van Schalkwyk - currently: Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Judith van Wijk - currently: Eastman, Middelburg (Netherlands)
Andre van Zyl - currently: SABIC, Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)