At Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University, you will have the opportunities to learn, exercise and improve your Chinese language with the help of our professional lecturers. We not only focus on the Listening and Speaking of Chinese for beginners, but draw attention to the Reading and Writing facets for intermediate and advanced learners. Since CISU is a Nonprofit Organization, you will get access to all our courses FOR FREE (expect for registration fee, text fee, as well as one on one courses). We also provide courses of Chinese culture and arts, which we believe, will definitely give you a deeper understanding of ancient and modern China. All of our courses, of course, are Non-Credit-Bearing, and you will get a certificate once you finish the learning. And what is more exciting is that you will have the chances to get a scholarship to visit and study in China as long as you pass a certain level of HSK (Chinse proficiency test), and this is not difficult for you once you study at CISU.


Chinese ABC

Chinese Culture and Art