Confucius Institute at stellenbosch university successfully held the "Close to China" theme Chinese club

Date: 05 Oct 2019

HSK Test on 13th OCTOBER 2019

Date: 06 Sep 2019

Chinese Class for New Semester

Date: 17 Jul 2019

CISU hosts Xiamen delegation

Date: 25 Jun 2019

CISU Attending the SIAN meeting

Date: 18 Apr 2019

HSK Test on 11th MAY 2019

Date: 04 Apr 2019

CISU joined the Chinese Cultural Festival

Date: 04 Apr 2019

Celebrating the Year of the Pig

Date: 22 Feb 2019

CISU hosted the Western Cape Chinese Teaching Symposium Successfully

Date: 25 Oct 2018

Students from CISU Won First Prize in the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Calligraphy Competition

Date: 07 Aug 2018

New CISU co-director

Date: 24 Jul 2018

CISU 2018 Summer Camp visited China

Date: 19 Jul 2018

Delegation from Xiamen University visited Stellenbosch University for the 100th birthday celebration

Date: 24 Apr 2018

The Confucius Classroom took part in the Open Days of Worcester Gymnasium

Date: 05 Mar 2018

Joyful Lantern Festival was held in Stellenbosch

Date: 05 Mar 2018

The Confucius Institute held Pottery Seal Lectures

Date: 06 Feb 2018

Delegation of CISU performed well in the 1st South Africa Wushu Invitation Tournament of Confucius Institutes

Date: 18 Jan 2018

2018 Mandarin classes. Sign up for our Chinese ABC course

Date: 20 Dec 2017