2015 Stellenbosch University Confucius Institute Board Meeting convened



On November 1, the 2015 Stellenbosch University Confucius Institute Board Meeting was convened. Council members Prof Eugene Cloete, Vice-Rector: Research, In novation & Postgraduate Studies at Stellenbosch University (SU), Prof Zixing Su, Secretary of CPC the Southern Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Office of Confucius Institute Affairs) of Xiamen University, Mr Robert Kotzé, Co-Director of CISU, Ms Fu’ai Jian, Director of CISU and Prof Yuanfang YU, Chinese Section of Department of Modern Foreign Languages etc. were in attendance. 

Prof Eugene Cloete showed his welcome to Prof Zixing Su and his colleagues, and endorsed the good cooperation between two universities. Prof Zixing Su expressed his gratitude to Prof Eugene Cloete for his invitation. 

At the meeting, Director Fu’ai Jian presented 2015 report of activities, Co-Director Robert Kotzé presented the 2014 report of financial. All council members had heated discussion on the report for activities 2016 made by Robert Kotzé, in which he proposed five plans. Prof Eugene Cloete and Prof Zixing Su agreed the accomplishments made by Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) in 2015 and the new year development plan. They also conveyed the wish of further strengthening the exchange and cooperation between two universities. In addition, Prof Zixing Su made several proposals to the construction and development of CISU. Prof Eugene Cloete expressed the intention to support and promote CISU’s work in the future, and hoped for the closer cooperation between several teaching and research institutes at SU.


After the meeting, Prof Zixing Su had an informal discussion with teachers of CISU, and visited Rietenbosch primary school.