2016 Stellenbosch University Confucius Institute Spring Festival Culture Events Held in Succession


On February 1, Stellenbosch University Confucius Institute Spring Festival Culture Event “Spring Festival and Chinese Culture” was held. Freshmen Chinese-majors of MFL of SU and CISU staff were in attendance. This event is jointly sponsored by CISU and MFL. 
The event consists of two parts, including the lectures and culture experience. The lectures began with the introduction of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches by lecturer Ren, which quickly aroused the audiences’ interest. After a few minutes, all the students mastered calculating the Stems and Branches by themselves. Afterwards, the analysis of the differences between Chinese Spring Festival and Christmas by lecturer Liu gave all students a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 
The part of Chinese culture experience was led by lecturer Ma, who showed the students the Chinese paper cutting of the lantern and panda, which reached its climax at the end as many audiences said, “We really love the paper cutting, and we do like the Chinese culture.”
There is going to be several other “Welcome Spring Festival” events held in succession, such as the promotional exhibition of BA Duan Jin, Chinese advertisements, as well as Chinese culture at each primary teaching spot etc.