Art exhibition gives a glimpse of Chinese culture


An exhibition of Chinese Painting and Artefacts are currently on the display at the Stellenbosch University Museum. The exhibition features the art collection of Mr Wim Tijmens from his botanical and cultural journeys to China. It is co-organised by the University Museum and Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU).

Speaking at the opening event, Mr Robert Kotzé, Senior Director of the Postgraduate and International Office - of which the CISU is part of, said the exhibition will give people a glimpse of Chinese culture. About 100 people attended the event hosted on 20 May 2015.  

Mr Liang Shugen, Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Cape Town, told guests the exhibition is of significant importance as it coincide with “Chinese year in South Africa “celebrations. “ China and South Africa’s relations developed in a very smooth way since we established diplomatic relations 16 years ago. People like Tijmens have profound knowledge about Chinese people and culture of which I am grateful.  I hope these kind of events will help people understand more of the Chinese culture.”

Tijmens, who is well-known and respected in botanical circles, enthralled guests with stories from his 17 expeditions to China. “I don’t feel foreign with the Chinese anymore,” he told guests which included students and staff, teachers from local schools and members of the community.

“Every item in this exhibition has a story and I hope you find out what these stories are.”

 The Chinese Paintings and Artefacts exhibition runs until 20 August 2015 at the University Museum.