CISU 2018 Summer Camp visited China

22nd, June- 6th, July, the 2018 Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) visited China.

This summer camp was organized by CISU. Students from Confucius Classroom Worcester Gymnasium High, teaching sites, including Stellenbosch High and Paul Roos Gymnasium, and students from Adult Class participated in this summer camp. 

The first stop was the beautiful coastal city, Xiamen, where the summer camp members spent one week learning Chinese language and culture.


Living in the Xiang’an Campus of Xiamen University, students experienced an intensive learning program. Besides the Chinese language classes, students also enjoyed a variety of Chinese cultural classes, including Chinese Opera masks making, dumpling making, Chinese painting, paper cutting and Chinese martial art, etc., via which students learnt about the extensive and profound Chinese culture from different angles.

What’s more, students also got the opportunity to visit some sightseeing sites, such as Gulang Island, Main Campus of Xiamen University, Nanputuo Temple and Zhongshan Road. Students observed local food culture, tea culture and music culture closely and were deeply attracted by the uniqueness of Minnan culture.

Exchanging with local college students was also a precious opportunity for the summer camp members to acquire the development of modern China.

The summer camp group arrived at Beijing on 1st July. Throughout the 5-day stay in Beijing, the students enjoyed their staying by visiting the musts for tourists, such as Bird Nest Stadium, the Great Wall and Summer Palace, etc. Meanwhile, they obtained the Pop Chinese culture, when touring around local community.

During their visit to Hanban on 5th July, students were drawn into the advanced motion control Chinese cultural games and various Chinese language teaching materials. Being inspired, students purchased many Chinese learning and reading materials to continue learning Chinese in South Africa after the visit.

Though the trip only lasted for 15 days, the influence on the camp members will be preserved for years. On their last day in China, the students expressed their reluctance to leave. The students also made a pact of keeping learning Chinese language and culture in South Africa and visiting China again in the near future.

Written by Ruibo Wang, Rebecca

Photo by Xiaofeng Zhong, Bell