CISU held ‘The Thousands-year Echo from Silk Road—Lecture on Chinese Harp, Konghou’

27th Nov, The Thousands-year Echo from Silk Road—Lecture on Chinese Harp, Konghou’ was held at Stellenbosch. Prof. Cui, the Founder of Modern Konghou art and members of Girl’s Crystal Band performed at the lecture to represent the ancient and mysterious music of China.

At the beginning, members of Girl’s Crystal Band introduced Chinese traditional instruments, Zhongruan, Erhu, Dizi (Chinese Flute) and Xiao to the audience. They performed well-known music pieces of The Legend, Horse Racing, Red.

As the master of Konghou and the founder of modern Chinese Konghou art, Prof Cui dedicated her life to promoting Chinese Konghou to the world. She said, ‘Konghou has over 2000 years of history. It witnessed the prosperous development of the Silk Road and Marine Silk Road. Now, the One Belt and One Road provided the stage to showcase this ancient instrument. 

In the lecture, Prof Cui introduced her story with Konghou, the techniques of modern Konghou, and the difference between Konghou and Western harp. In addition, she shared the story of her coming across with the African Konghou. She stressed, ‘There is no boundary within music. Konghou (Chinese harp) is a universal in multiple cultures, so it is the media to enhance the cultural communication.’

Then, the performance of Prof Cui and her students pushed the atmosphere to the peak. The audience showed great interest in the instrument and raised many questions. With the music piece, Loulan, the lecture went to the end.

After the lecture, the harp lecturer at Stellenbosch University shared her experience with Prof Cui. Robert Kotze, the co-director of CISU on South African side exchanged the gift with Prof Cui. He expressed his appreciation of Prof Cui bringing this instrument to Stellenbosch. ‘I hope there will be more opportunity to have Chinese culture in South Africa’, he stated.

This lecture is sponsored by China Federation of Literary and Art Circle (CFLAC) and is organized by theConfucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) and China International Travel Agency of South Africa. Over 100 people attended the lecture, including the Vice-president of CFLAC, Mr. Zuo, and China Silk Road Art Troupe, Mr. Li, Secretary of Party Committee and the delegation from Hunan Normal University, students and teachers of CISU and local community.