Four teams of Stellenbosch University joined summer camps in China

Four teams of Stellenbosch University joined summer camp to experience Chinese culture


In this cold winter of South Africa, teachers and students with Confucius Institute and its classrooms and teaching sites joined  Summer camps to experience Chinese culture in the hot summer of China. 

1. Melodic Chinese Music Summer School

From 3rd-15th July, the 4th Confucius Institute International Music Summer Camp was held in Beijing. Over 60 teachers and students from countries like America, Canada, South Africa and Denmark participated in this Summer Camp, including four teachers and students from Worcester. They enjoyed a series of activities, such as seminars on Chinese instruments, Chinese music concerts, workshops and lectures with musicians. Via this summer school, the participants appreciated the unique traits of Chinese music and learnt about Chinese instruments. They also carried some Chinese instruments back into South Africa to continue this relationship with Chinese music. 

Students playing Chinese drum

Participants with Confucius Institue Worcester Teaching Site 

2. Learn to be a Chinese student to become a Chinese teacher

From 10th-22th July, four South African local Chinese teachers attended the Seminar on Chinese Language and Culture held by East China Normal University. The priority of this seminar is to improve the language proficiency of local Chinese teachers. The participants learnt Chinese language in the Chinese speaking environment and went through an intensive training on Chinese phonetics and syntax. They also paid cultural visits to Quzhou and Suzhou. After returning to South Africa, they all made presentations at their schools to illustrate their wonderful trip in China. This gave students an intuitional understanding about China. 

Four South African teachers on their trip in Quzho

Chinese Learning Class for local Chinese teachers

3. Experiencing Chinese history and cultivation in historic city—Xi’an

From 16th-26th July, two students from Stellenbosch University joined 'The Belt and Road: Gives Us Dreams and Leads Us to the Future—the Second Sumemr Camp of International College Students' in Xi’an.

South African Students taking a trip at Yuqing Tang

In this summer camp, they enjoyed tertiary education, history, mordern and natural culture tours. They visited well-known attractions such as the Shaanxi History Museum, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Terracotta Army. Intercultural communication was made between South African students and local Chinese college volunteers. After this trip, they stated that this 'cultural trip’ triggered their curiosity of China and enhanced their interest in learning Chinese.

All participants of Summer School in Xi'an

4. Inspection on Chinese Bridge Contest

Binedell Engelbert and Leanne Robinson at the Chinese Bridge Contest

Leanne Robinson and Binedell Engelbert went on the inspection trip of the 16th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students. Leanne, who has lived in China before, said it was a home coming trip to the familiar country. She stated that it feels like visiting an old friend. Through this inspection, Binedell learnt a lot from the participants. He made a promise of going back to China in 2018.


Reported by Rebecca Wang