Language Festival Hosted in Stellenbosch South Africa by the Confucius Institute and Alliance Française

On 21 April, the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) co-hosted the Stellenbosch Language Festival with Alliance Française de Stellenbosch (AFS) under the theme of ‘Friendship and Communication’. Over a hundred of people from the university and local community joint this event. Director of CISU on Chinese side, Fu’ai Jian and Director of AFS hosted the festival and Director of CISU on South African side and Director of International Office, Robert Kotze delivered the welcome address.

People from over 10 countries and regions, including China, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Samoa and  Argentina performed during the festival. Cultural communication was bridged by theatrical plays, poetry, music and instruments, and dances. Chinese instrument, Erhu, Taichi, Pop song and Poetry reciting were shown on the Festival. Samoan students with CISU reading the Chinese letter from his grandfather in Chinese moved all the audiences. This event expanded the audiences’ understanding of world and opened their horizon on the definition and necessity of communication. Though participants come from different cultural background and speak different languages, they all shared the same joy.

After performances, Chinese food was served. One of the participants, a professor with Stellenbosch University stated that this was a festival of friendship embodying communication under different languages, which is necessary in the Rainbow country, South Africa. Robert Kotze commented, “Language is the bridge of communication. This Language Festival addressed cultural diversity and enhanced intercultural communication. The Language Festival is of great significance and should be hosted as a regular event for CISU".