Etienne Britz


The branch of the Confucius Institute affiliated with the University of Stellenbosch welcomed it's first students ten years ago. Today, the Institute is still thriving, housed in attractive rooms on the fourth floor of the Wilcocks Building in Victoria Street.

Refined, well-trained lecturers from China continue to offer year-long courses in Mandarin. There are courses for beginners, intermediary students and advanced students. Each course is presented in two weekly classes.

The Institute is funded, for the most part, by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Hence, a full year's course will cost a student no more than R200 registration fee and R160 for learning materials. Private lessons in Mandarin are available at R120 an hour.

School learners, university students and members of the public of all ages are invited to register. The courses are scheduled for the late afternoon, the most convenient time for most students of the Institute.

The closing date for applications is February 13th this year. The telephone number of the Institute is 021 808 9158. The e-mail address is cisu@sun.ac.za . The street address is Room 4008 on the fourth floor of the Wilcocks building. Office hours 9h00 to 16h30.

Learning Mandarin is fun, if you enjoy conquering new languages. It opens up an ancient but resurgent world culture. This is the language spoken by most people in the world today. Command of Mandarin is a huge asset, a head start in life. China has become a land of great opportunities for Chinese people and foreigners alike.

The Institute follows the timetable of the university, also in terms of breaks and holidays. Students are able to write exams graded in Beijing. Command of Mandarin, at different levels of proficiency, are rewarded with internationally recognised certificates.

The Institute is planning various cultural and social events for 2017. Moreover, students writing a doctoral thesis, or involved in a worthy project orientated towards China, will be supported. This includes assistance with finding funds to achieve their goals.

Don't miss out on the opportunities generously offered by the Confucius Institute!