Rietenbosch Primary School Confucius Classroom students and staff Experienced First-hand Chinese culture

(By Ruibo Wang) On the 14th November, a delegation of nine lecturers brought Chinese culture into Confucius Classroom of Rietenbosch Primary School. Chinese dance, martial art, lacquer ware, calligraphy, Chinese culture and Chinese painting were introduced to over 200 faculties and students. This cultural event was held by Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China (CLEF), Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fuzhou. Director Madam Chen Qing and Deputy Director Mr. Dong Gang of South Africa Chinese Culture Development Center;

Circuit manager Dr. Fernholdt H.M. Galant and Mr. Makwezi Maliwa at Cape Winelands Education Department; Prof Jian Fu’ai, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) and Mr. Roy Van Rooyen, Principle of Rietenbosch Primary School, presented in this event.


In the experience part, Chinese lectures brought first-hand experience to  students and staff. On one side, they brought dynamic elements in Chinese culture. Ms. Zhou Jing, Lecturer from Minjiang Teachers College, gave a lesson on Chinese tabour dance to students, while Mr. Chen Sida, Associate Professor from Minjiang University,  presented Taiji, Arhat Boxing as well as taught students Five-step Boxing of Chinese Kungfu. As for the peaceful side of Chinese culture, Mr. Lan Fugui, Senior Lecturer from Fuzhou Vocational School of Tourism, brought Chinese Lacquer wares and shared manufacturing procedures and Mr. Qiu Bingyong, Teacher from Fuzhou Overseas Chinese Middle School, taught students how to use Chinese writing brush to write Chinese traditional calligraphy. In addition, Ms. Qi Ting, Assistant Lecturer from Minjiang Teacher College, showed students how to make Chinese sachet while introducing Chinese culture generally. Teachers from CISU also joined this event to provide interpretation.


This event successfully ended with Happy Birthday Song for prof Chen Sida. Students and staff experienced the beauty and enjoyment in Chinese culture via this event. Many of them expressed their wishes of visiting China. Expectantly, this event will inspire them of learning Chinese language and understanding Chinese culture.