Stellenbosch students visit Xiamen University, China

Sixteen students from Stellenbosch University recently returned from China, after having attended a four week Summer School at Xiamen University.

Located on an island in the south of the Fujian Province, Xiamen University hosted fourteen second-year and two third-year students from Stellenbosch University. The Summer School, which started on 13 June and ended on 8 July, focused primarily on the development of students' Mandarin-language skills, but also had classes ranging from Chinese Kung-Fu, paper-cutting, Chinese song and calligraphy.

All four corners of Fujian Province were covered and students were able to experience all forms of transport in China: taxis, buses on normal routes and BRT as well as trains. Students embarked on weekend tours outside their contact sessions and had the opportunity to experience Chinese culture firsthand. In the East, the Provincial Capital, Fuzhou City, was visited, the Wuyi Mountains in the North and one day was spent visiting castles in the West. One of the highlights of the tours was an outdoor evening performance by Zhang Yimou, who directed the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

During the four weeks, students deepened their understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and strengthened friendships, both with fellow students and Chinese locals with the promise of definitely returning to China after their studies at Stellenbosch.

Students from Stellenbosch University at Xiamen University. 13 June - 08 July.