Confucius Institute Teaching Seminar Convened

On August 14, the Third Teaching Seminar Microlecture of Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) was convened. Cases in terms of teaching material, methods, skills, as well as problems and solutions were discussed and analysed.

Prof Jian Fu’ai, the co-director of CISU, emphasized the significance of Chinese tone practice. Prof Zhong Xiaofeng and Prof Zhang Peng shared their teaching experience at Worcester Gymnasium and Oakhill schools. Two teachers with ample experience teaching Chinese majors shared and discussed the solution of biased error among students. Others focused on the principles of class administration.

“The teaching seminar has provided all teachers of CISU with a platform to share experience and exchange ideas,” said Prof Jian at the end of the conference, “All CISU’s teachers are encouraged to improve their teaching ability, and we believe that CISU will become better and better.”