The Confucius Institute held Pottery Seal Lectures

On January 30th, the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University organised a fun pottery seal lecture in Dorothea Special School in Stellenbosch. Professor Zhang Zhengrong from Guangzhou, China was invited as the lecturer to teach Chinese pottery seal culture. About 30 students and teachers took part in and experienced the unique charm of Chinese art culture.

Prof Zhang firstly introduced the function, materials and tools of seals. She explained the five steps of making pottery seal. Students listened with great interest and completed the process of kneading dough, lettering and stamping with the help of teachers from the Confucius Institute. As Spring Festival is approaching, Prof Zhang also introduced the Chinese Spring Festival customs, handing out red envelopes for good wishes and blessings. The children were happy to express their appreciation in Chinese.