The Mandarin store showed up on the Open Day in Worcester Gymnasium

The Open Day of Worcester Gymnasium, one of the teaching sites of Confucius Institute, was held on February 23th to 24th. During the two days, parents and students of Grade 7 were all welcomed to visit the school.

As an important part of school special subjects, the mandarin class held a mandarin store in the cultural corner. Many parents and students came over to listen to the introduction of Mandarin subject and students’ feeling of learning Mandarin. Jesse, the student of Grade 10 talked about her experience of the Summer Camp in the Xiamen University of China in 2015 which gained a lot of attentions.

Meanwhile, the calligraphy and chopsticks game attracted more and more visitors. Parents and students stopped to watch the Chinese calligraphy show which was presented by Pro. Zhong. Pro. Zhong introduced the traditional cultures in the Chinese writing and invited them to try the Maobi (the writing brush). Many students were also interested in the chopsticks game. They tried all their best to get the soybean and move it to another bowl. What’s more, some of them made chopsticks’ competitions with the Mandarin teacher Li. They were all amazed by the different Chinese culture and showed great interest in knowing more about China.

Besides, a 6 girls’ dance group, which was led by Mandarin teacher Liu, performed the Chinese traditional dance “Jasmine Flower”. Their elegant movements and beautiful smile got a high praise from the visiting parents and students, as well as the school teachers.

The Mandarin class in Worcester Gymnasium is a teaching point of the Confucius Institute of Stellenbosch University. With the development in recent years, more and more local people get to know the Chinese culture. Students in WG also have more interest in learning Mandarin. The various activities in Mandarin store on the Open day not only helped the school to introduce their multi-culture on the campus but also provided a good chance for parents and students in Grade 7 to get in touch with Chinese language and culture. The success of Mandarin store will give a much brighter future for the Mandarin class in WG.