Culture Corner gives a glimpse of Chinese culture

What is the history of Chinese dumplings? What is the meaning of these dumplings and how do you make them? Curiosity about this traditional Chinese food has been satisfied by the Chinese Culture Corner hosted by the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU).

The CISU hosted the first Chinese Culture Corner on 3 April 2015. Chinese Beginners’ and Intermediate course students and a number of postgraduates attended the event.

The theme of this activity was “Jiaozi” also known as dumpling. During the event, Professor Wang Peiwei from CISU introduced the history of Jiaozi. Later, Professor Zhao Wei and other CI teachers showed the students different ways of making Jiaozi and explained that the variety in style is due to food diversity in China.

The Chinese Culture Corner is intended for everyone who is interested in Chinese culture.