The CMP is a management programme for engineers and other practitioners who have the potential for advancement into corporate management. Due to dramatic changes and degree of uncertainty in the business environment it is also a most relevant (if not essential) professional development programme (Why attend CMP? – see further below)

The relevance of the programme to the industry and the country is one of the primary reasons why senior managers and other professionals enrol in the programme.

In the context of the CMP, the construction sector includes client and owner organizations, consultants, designers, project managers and contractors.

The CMP has an international reputation for excellence, established over many years. It was first presented in 1976 and has been in constant demand despite periodic lower levels of investment in construction and reduction in capacity this past decade.

In 2022 CMP was presented over a period of three weeks using the total emersion learning methodology to expose delegates to the very latest theories, tools and techniques in all aspects of business management in the construction sector. CMP alumni are to be found in key positions in construction in Africa and around the world. An optimisation exercise identified that the historically four-week programme can be reduced to three weeks by making use of more intensive preparatory studies and by the completion of a final assignment post programme.

An extended list of high profile International and South African speakers participate in the presentation of the programme.

The CMP Management

Prof Jan Wium, Chair in Construction Engineering and Management and CMP Director

Chris Jurgens, Department of Civil Engineering, Stellenbosch University.

CMP is a collaborative effort between the Universities of Stellenbosch, WITS, and other tertiary institutions, though its faculty is drawn from a much wider body of experts and practitioners.

“The CMP challenges your thinking and your boundaries with unique perspectives. However the most important thing I took away from the CMP, was the relationships that were built with my peers. It is invaluable.”

Rukesh Raghubir, CEO of M&D Construction Group, 2013 CMP Delegate

Who should attend the CMP?

Participants to the programme include delegates from client (owner) organisations, consultants and construction firms. Professionals in middle management with 8 to 15 years of experience in the construction industry can apply.

Why should I attend the CMP?

Future leaders: The CMP grooms the future leaders of our construction industry. Successful delegates of the CMP can, and have, become the senior managers of top client, consultant and/or construction organisations within the built environment.

Synthesised holistic solutions: CMP delegates are exposed to a variety of industry and project subject areas over an intensive three-week programme. Delegates work together in a high-pressure environment to synthesise the subject matter by applying it to engineering and management assignments and case studies. This enables them to comprehend the complexities of the industry and to find holistic solutions to strategic and/or execution level problems.

Network of relationships: The CMP programme is unique through its challenging and uninterrupted, three-week long programme where representatives from different spheres in the industry work together. This fosters a unique bond amongst the delegates and builds a lifelong network of professional relationships. Such a network is essential for successfully leading a business and/or construction project.

Work pressure: The fast pace of the programme tests delegates both physically and mentally. The CMP is, therefore, an excellent barometer of whether a future leader will be able to survive the unique challenges and pressure within the construction industry.



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