CREST houses a number of databases that contain valuable information on different aspects of the South African science and innovation system. SA Knowledgebase is a bibliographic database of South Africa’s scientific publications since 1990. The database on SA University Research Statistics presents aggregate level data on a range of university research performance indicators. The database on South African Dissertations lists all PhD graduates and their thesis titles and names of supervisors since 2000. The South African Research and Innovation Directory presents a comprehensive overview of the main institutions, organisations, actors, programmes, initiatives and strategies of the SA NSI. CREST also houses a dedicated database on SA research centres in the social sciences.CREST has a dedicated information and documentation centre which houses a large selection of documents in the field of STS and which can be searched through the link below.We house two databases on journals metadata: a database of South African journals and periodicalsand a database of African journals. The database on Higher Education initiatives in Africa, provides information on some of the most important international initiatives in the field of higher education in Africa since 2000.

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Database of SA journals and periodicals

HE Initiatives in Africa

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