Isabel Basson started as a postdoctoral fellow at SciSTIP in 2019. She initially joined CREST in 2015 as a researcher. Her doctoral studies investigated whether gold open access journal articles experience a citation advantage using different measures of citation advantage.

During her time at CREST she worked on various projects which included assessing the South African research enterprise and investigating the opportunities and challenges faced by the next-generation of academics in South Africa. Before joining the SciSTIP team Isabel worked at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) on the South African National Survey of Research and Experimental Development (R&D) as a fieldwork administrator.

She presents a class on open access as part of the Scientific Communication module at CREST. Her current research interests are: bibliometrics, scientometrics and journal publication policies with a focus on open access publishing.

Contact: +27 (0)21 808 9608
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