Anthropocene dialogue 23 sept

Please join us on 27 September from 16:30 t0 18:00 for a discussion of Changemakers in the Anthropocene, with opportunity to network over wine and snacks afterwards.

Discussants: Michelle-Lee Moore (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Per Olsson (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Warren Nilsson (University of Cape Town)

Claimed to be a new ‘human-dominated, geological epoch’ (Paul Crutzen 2002), the Anthropocene brings with it a critical imperative, namely that we rethink our role as humans in shaping our joint future, and learn to engage with this challenge through each other’s eyes. The evidence that humans are now a major geological power, introduces a significant paradigm shift in how we theorise about our place in this new world, but more importantly, also has implications for deciding how to act and plan interventions.

The (CST) is excited to host the Anthropocene Dialogues – an interdisciplinary dialogue together through regular discussion, debate and dialogue to foster the potential for novel ways of thinking and engaging with the challenges of the Anthropocene.