The Nonlinear & Complex Physics Group of the Institute of Physics warmly invites you to an online conference in which we explore how complexity science has shaped our engagement with the social and natural world.
Complexity theory took off in the 1990s and four of the key people who shaped how these ideas were applied to the social world will be represented in this event.
In this unique retrospective, we will explore how these four thinkers approached complexity thinking over long careers.
  • Peter Allen (Embracing Complexity) and David Byrne (Complexity and the Social Sciences) will be there in person.
  • Chris Mowles (Complex Responsive Processes) will represent the legacy of Ralph Stacey.
  • Rika Preiser will represent the legacy of Paul Cilliers (Complexity and Postmodernism). Biographies and more information can be found on the event website.
The event will be chaired by Jean Boulton (Embracing Complexity).
Each speaker will speak to two questions – what do you feel is the key contribution made by you or the person you represent? And what is needed in this field in the future?
The event will take be hosted on Zoom, from 12:30-2pm.
Event website:
Click here for more information.