Thursday, July 23rd from 13:00—14:00 (GMT+2)

This colloquium will take place online.

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Meeting ID: 979 418 6846

The CST brings together scientists, practitioners and societal actors who use the frameworks of complexity and resilience thinking in their daily work to make sense of the complex dynamics of change and transformative processes. During this online and interactive colloquium there will be a special focus on how these ideas and practices are used in current times and how local and regional processes and perspectives are being shaped by applying the theoretical concepts and tools for fostering more resilient organisations, communities and decision-making strategies.

Join us this week to learn more about the proposed UNESCO Chair in Complex Systems and Transformative African Futures that is planned to be hosted by the CST from 2021. We will share some background about the UNESCO program and discuss the proposed focus areas of the Chair which will be shared by Dr Rika Preiser, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST) and Tanja Hichert, an experienced professional futurist and Research Associate at CST.

The Chair will give special attention to how a complex systems-based understanding of the notion of futures can inform more generative and systemic understandings of how transformation happens. By ‘using’ the future in this way, ideas and practices of foresight, anticipation and a non-linear understanding of time and change will be highlighted. The Chair will utilise the rich state of the art body of knowledge that inform systems- and futures literature, amongst which the Futures Literacy Framework will form a pivotal theoretical, methodological and practical approach for co-creating the Chair’s research and teaching agenda.

As part of the discussion we will facilitate a short interactive session by demonstrating how a method like “Causal Layered Analysis” could be used to engage stakeholders practically in forsight and anticipatory work. The theme will be “Re-imagining Future African Narratives”.


Dr Rika Preiser & Tanja Hichert