Thursday, May 21st from 13:00—14:00 (GMT+2)
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Join us for a Webinar in our new CST series of Webinars 

Exploring the resilience of southern African wildlife economies and livelihoods to a global pandemic 

This series brings together scientists, practitioners and societal actors who use the frameworks of complexity and resilience thinking in their daily work to make sense of the complex dynamics of change and transformative processes. There will be a special focus on how these ideas and practices are used in current times and how local and regional processes and perspectives are being shaped by applying the theoretical concepts and tools for fostering more resilient organisations, communities and decision-making strategies. 

Discussants: Dr Hayley Clements and Steve Collins
Moderator: Dr Nadia Sitas


Dr Hayley Clements is a researcher at the Center for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University. She is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist who is interested in applying social-ecological systems thinking to identify resilient and equitable conservation opportunities in a changing world. Her PhD at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) assessed the social-ecological drivers of private land conservation in South Africa. She then undertook postdocs researching protected area effectiveness at Monash University (Australia) and resilience indicators at the CST. She is leading a project entitled “Quantifying the biodiversity planetary boundary for Africa”, funded by a Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant. Hayley is also affiliated with the University of Helsinki, researching the role of sustainable use in supporting biodiversity conservation, people and the economy in southern Africa.
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Steve Collins has worked as a local economic development facilitator in southern Africa for 30 years specialising in land reform and local economic development linked to natural resources. He has a passion for involving communities in their own development and making them the focus of NGO, private sector and government development initiatives. He has situated private sector and government development investments in a rural context so that they stimulate local economic and social development. One of the key areas of his work in the last 10 years has been in establishing CPPPs around conservation, renewable energy and ecotourism projects. Steve is currently the Livelihoods and Adaptation Specialist for the USAID Resilient Waters Program and chairperson of the African Safari Foundation which advises communities on maximising the sustainable benefits achieved from conservation areas.