Thursday, October 15 from 13:00—14:00 (GMT+2)
This webinar will take place online.
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Join us for a Webinar in our CST series of Webinars 

Developmental Entrepreneurship in Africa: a discussion of the empirical findings of “Sensemaking systems change for
entrepreneurship-led development”

This series brings together scientists, practitioners and societal actors who use the frameworks of complexity and resilience thinking in their daily work to make sense of the complex dynamics of change and transformative processes. There will be a special focus on how these ideas and practices are used in current times and how local and regional processes and perspectives are being shaped by applying the theoretical concepts and tools for fostering more resilient organisations, communities and decision-making strategies.

While the dominant discourse on African entrepreneurship is about achieving momentum (sustained traction) and maturity (local intensity and density), there are emerging views that locals have a poor sense of control (human agency) in determining the directionality of the future of entrepreneurship. Data collection exercises in three African countries (Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana) look to validate or invalidate these emerging claims through stories of not only entrepreneurs but also support organisations and policymakers. During this webinar, the empirical results will be discussed as exlored in the ongoing PhD studies of Phumlani Nkontwana.

Phumlani Nkontwana (CEO Fuata Africa, PhD candidate Stellenbosch University)
Dr John van Breda (CST)
Prof Johan Burger (SPL, Stellenbosch University)

Moderator: Dr Rika Preiser

Phumlani Nkontwanais an Associate Lecturer on the MBA & PGDip modules at the USB, Stellenbosch University. He is currently pursuing his PhD in the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University. He also teaches Systems Change and Social Impact Executive Course at the GSB, Cape Town University. He is chief executive officer of Fuata Africa – a small boutique entrepreneurship development consulting outfit mainly practising in six African markets (

Dr John van Breda is a Senior Researcher and programme coordinator for transdisciplinary research at the Centre of Complex Systems in Transition (CST). John holds post-graduate degrees in philosophy, theology and sociology as well as PhD with a specific focus on developing context-relevant transdisciplinary research approaches for conducting solution-oriented research in a developing world context. His expertise is in transdisciplinary methodologies and methods for tackling complex social-ecological systems challenges. The title of his PhD is as follows: “Methodological Agility for Sustainability Transitions in the Context of the Anthropocene” which can be accessed here:

Prof Johan Burger is an academic in the fields of public and development management. As Director of the School of Public Leadership, at Stellenbosch University (2004-2006; 2013-2019) his academic research and teaching focused on Public Sector Policy, Finance, Project Management, Housing and Sustainable Development, and is currently concerned with reform trajectories in these fields. In his capacity as Director of the School he served on a steering committee for the establishment of the World Conservation Learning Network (WCLN) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and led the process to establish a Southern African chapter of the WCLN in 2006.