Thursday, April 8th from 16:00—17:00 (GMT+2)
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‘Slowly Slowly The Egg Begins to Walk’ — Reflections on the Ethiopian conflict

Forty years after the mass famines of Ethiopia, conflict in the region has reemerged in the news. On November 4th 2020, the national government stationed its military in the northern province of Tigray. The internet has been shut down and news has been difficult to access.

Nava Derakhshani, spent eight months in Tigray carrying out her master’s research in 2014. In her talk, she will be sharing her research findings on the political, historic, and spiritual ties to sustainability. She will share insights from her research collaborators as well as photographs from her time there.

This talk will give a personal perspective on the ethnic war taking place in Ethiopia. It will discuss the history that has led to this point. It will raise questions about the environmental and cultural consequences of the conflict and what resilience could mean in this context.

Discussants: Nava Derakhshani (Mphil Sust Dev, SU)
Moderator: Nina Callaghan (CST)

This webinar will take place online.
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Nava Derakhshani is a New York-based artist and writer. Born to Iranian parents in Eswatini, her work explores themes of identity, belonging, and gender. She holds a BA in architecture from the University of Cape Town and practiced in South Africa and India in low-cost eco-housing and urban design.
Her Masters through Stellenbosch University, in Sustainable Development, took her to rural Ethiopia researching the spiritual and historic ties to farming and conservation. A graduate of the International Center for Photography, her creative practice draws on her geopolitical observations to center on stories from the margins.