Major Research Project

Complexity and Anticipation

Project Leader(s): Prof. Jannie Hofmeyr, Prof. Rika Preiser, Dr. John van Breda

While anticipation has been widely studied within a number of different disciplines – including biology, anthropology, cognitive and social sciences, research into anticipation is deeply fragmented. Moreover, it has not kept pace with social and scientific demand for insights into these practices, their risks and their uses. This project wants to develop a deeper understanding of anticipation based on the fact that it is a feature of complex adaptive systems. The project aims to bring together experts in the field of complexity based on the work of Robert Rosen so as to inform a relational scientific paradigm that can form the basis for a stronger conceptual grounding for the study of antipatory systems.

Partner institutions: Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems

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