A team of academics from CST presented at the Seedbeds of Transformation: the Role of Science with Society and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa conference during May this year. The conference was organised by Future Earth, the South African Government Department of Science and Technology, the National Research Foundation of South Africa, and START.

With the aim of encouraging dialogue and actions including examining potential tradeoffs involved with strategies for achieving the SDGs and pursuing transformational change in different contexts across the continent, Seedbeds engaged scholars, practitioners and policy experts in collaboratively exploring these transformations challenges. Participants came together to share information, ideas, and products that showcase innovative approaches from across Africa.

The themes focused on were understanding trajectories of change, traversing critical challenges and creating momentum. The team from CST focused on the role that activist-artists can play in terms of art-science collaboration, seeds of the good anthropocene, regime shifts and transdisiciplinary design to bring about change.

To view two interviews with our researchers, please explore further below:

Interview with Tanja Hichert

Interview with Luke Metelerkamp

Interview with two of the artists